Selling your horse

 Including a photograph when advertising your horse will increase the likelihood of you making a quick sale because potential buyers will have decided that this is the type of horse they are interested in buying, before making that all important call.

However, any old picture of your horse won't do the trick. You need to consider what impression you want the buyer to get and then choose an appropriate picture, which is clear and sharp.

If your horse is being advertised as a show jumper, for example, then the picture should show the horse's technique over a fence, while a photo of a dressage horse should show its paces. Equally, a child's first pony should be pictured being ridden by a small child.

A side-on shot showing the horse's conformation will give a good view of the animal, especially if it is a youngster or show horse, but make sure the background is not too dark or "busy".

While a pretty headshot may be eye catching, it can suggest that the rest of the horse is being hidden for a reason, which may put off a potential buyer.

Fine weather always helps a picture look good, but make sure the sun is behind the photographer, to avoid shadows appearing across the horse. Don't be too ambitious with the type of picture you take. A clean, sharp, still image is better than a blurred, moving one.

You can use the services of a professional photographer, with their permission, but photographers must be credited in any advertisement in which their work is used.


Horse and Hound, UK