Photo Ad Tips

One of the biggest non selling points can be the photo placed in an ad. With this economy, you need your horse to stand out from the others. Here are a couple photo tips for your ad:

  1. Always show a full side profile with the horse looking toward you (to capture any face markings).
  2. For horses under 15 hands, have the camera level about 4ft above ground.
  3. Always fully bath, dry, and groom your horse before a photo shoot. (would you buy a mud ball over a clean, sharp looking horse?)
  4. Pay attention to the background of the picture. Always try to get your horse against a contrasting background. If you have a light horse, use a dark background; a dark horse, use a light background. All horses look beautiful on a lush green meadow background.
  5. CROP your photo so there is only about a cm between the edges of your horse and the photo edges.
  6. Have a friend look over you photo shoot after you have cropped and select the best photo of the horse they would buy.