The following showcases selected events at which we have taken photographs. We do retain a large collection of images for most events, as where possible, we make it a practice to take at least several photos of each competitor to give us a complete record of both the action and the participants.

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               2015 Australian International 3 Day Event   Adelaide.  SA   19th - 22nd  November 2015

               2015 ESA Horse of The Year   Wayville.  SA   16th - 17th  October 2015

               2015 SA State Carriage Driving Championships     Peterborough.  SA   4th - 5th October 2015

               2015 Royal Adelaide  Show      Wayville.  SA   4th - 13th September 2015

               2015 SCDS Graded Driven Dressage Event     Monarto.  SA   2nd August 2015

               2015 SCDS Graded Driven Dressage Event     Monarto.  SA   21st June 2015

               2015 SCDS Combined Driving Event     Monarto.  SA   7th -8th June 2015

               2015 SCDS Driven Dressage Championships     Monarto.  SA   19th April 2015

               2015 Royal Adelaide Autumn Horse Show      Wayville.  SA   28th - 29th Mar 2015

               2015 GPCDA Carriage Driving Event      Peterborough.  SA   8th - 9th March 2015

                    2015 ESA Driven Dressage Championships (joint with ACDS)     Peterborough.  SA   7th March 2015